5 KILLER Exercises on a Cable Cross Machine : Cable Squats

cable squats muscles worked
cable squats muscles worked

hey it’s like day and all you have access to is a cable crossover that’s alright because I’m gonna give you five exercises that you can use right now on this machine. 5 KILLER Exercises on a Cable Squats

Cable Squats

Critical bench come hopefully you’re having a great day I’m having a great day because every day is a good day just because I said so okay so but seriously it if it’s like day and you’re stuck at the gym and it’s completely crowded and you’re it’s like damn but you don’t know what to do and you all

You have access to is a cable cross machine this cool contraption here this is a free motion machine they come in all different shapes and sizes or maybe you’re traveling and the hotel it you’re staying at only how it has one of these machines but you don’t want to skip leg day never skip leg day you got that don’t skip legs so the first exercise it’s a glute exercise it’s part of your legs it’s gonna get your hamstrings get a cable attachment or the rope attachment set up to the cable it’s just call it pull through right here.

So you’re gonna grab these right here walk out a couple steps it’s very similar to a stiff leg deadlift or a kettlebell swing so as you can see my knees are slightly bent the shoulder blades are pulled back pull through squeeze.

The gluts tuck the tailbone back release so you know you’re getting a nice little hamstring extension glute extent or hip extensions right here hamstrings gluts a little bit of legs in there nice little pull through you can go again doing this movement is my go-to if I’m only able to use.

5 KILLER Exercises on a Cable Cross Machine : Cable Squats

This machine right here so that’s the pull through so second one is same set up if you want to go a little heavier that’s fine that’s not a big not a big deal so you’re gonna start here goblet squat down up very simple I’ve even seen some people do you know instead of doing like a front squat they go from behind right here down up adjust yourself yeah I don’t really care for that it’s not as it comfortable as the front but either way that’s a great alternative.

So let’s throw me some lunges go midline or horizontal bring the arm out to the side so what you’re gonna do definitely lighten that load first lateral lunge so you’re going to start with the weight here you’re holding it up high again you could you can use one handle.

cable squats

You can go here you can do this single arm attachment whatever but here here back up here back up and the same can be done in Reverse so if I’m standing here obviously you’re gonna go out this way now watch this if you want to make it a little more challenging step out now I’m gonna go this way whoop there we go this way is a little more challenging than the way I just showed you .5 KILLER Exercises on a Cable Cross Machine : Cable Squats

So I’ll show you from this way here oh yeah here there we go so lateral lunge this is the more advanced version beginners version is more you starting closer and stepping out both are very good very beneficial to get that lateral lunge alright so the fourth one lighten the load a little bit lower.

The attachment down this is the reverse lunge or a forward lunge however you want to look at it get the rope attachment without hurting yourself there we go on the shoulders step forward step back step forward obviously this is a forward lunge

But if you want to start forward out more reverse steps reverse step you pick which one you want to go with either the forward which is this okay alright very simple Hutt’s there for launch last one single leg deadlift now this one you all want to switch out your handles to one of the d-rings or a single or single hand strap this one you definitely want to keep it low which it is so take a couple steps back so my right hand has the weight or has the handle left foot is down on the floor.

I’m gonna load my left leg keep my knees slightly bent reach out extend that right arm extend that right leg pull back to upright right here right there hamstrings calves glutes adductors quads even your core on this one.

Because you’re going for that posterior oblique sling which goes from the left side connecting to the right upper body I’ll show you from this angle so right leg is down left arm left leg go back or forward this one gonna make sure your hips aren’t tilted too much very simple so even if you look at this.

Thing right here everything on here with the exception of two exercises is all upper body I just showed you five exercises very little similar to that one but five exercises that you can use for your lower body using this machine so again if you’re stuck at a hotel or just some place where your girl you’re.

You’re only able to use this machine you can get an incredible leg workout using the five exercises I just showed you hey before you go I want to give you a free workout to use on your next leg day it’s called a five minute thigh workout again it’s free all you need.

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