Why Lhasa is the Forbidden City?

Why Lhasa is the Forbidden City

The world most popular history of forbidden city. Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. This city is additionally called the Forbidden City. In Tibetan Himalayas, at a height of 11,975 feet, this city was found. Lhasa is very outstanding as a religious focus in Tibet since the ninth century AD. Here various religious communities and sanctuaries remains as the real vacation destinations. This city is an incredible spot for Buddhism focus.

Why Lhasa is the Forbidden City

It became capital of Tibet in 1642. In 1951, when the Chinese communists controlled the region Lhasa was still the capital of Tibet. Lhasa was declared capital to Tibet Autonomous region in 1965. The temples Gtsug-lag-Khang and Klu-Khang are the ancient landmarks which are considered sacred in Tibet. The winter residence of Dalai Lama, various monasteries, and Potala palace are some important places in Tibet. Religious leaders used to reside in Lhasa and hence the city was not accessible to everyone.

The fifth Dalai Lama has considered this city as blessed and afterward it turned out to be religiously critical. Numerous significant cloisters like Sera and Ganden are arranged in the regions encompassing Lhasa, and Drepung religious community – The greatest devout college during the period. This city is arranged in the banks of Brahmaputra tributary called Yarlung Tsangpo. Before the Chinese involved this locale Lhasa was focus to Lamaism. The greater part of the populace in Lhasa was Lamaist priests. The structures in Lhasa are not excessively wealthy in design but rather are religious developments. The holy sanctuary in Lhasa called Jokang won’t seem sublime from outside yet houses the jeweled symbol of youthful Buddha. Because of all the above trademark highlights of religious magnificence credited to the Lhasa city, it isn’t made open to the guests and outsiders for some period. So it is called as – the Forbidden City.

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